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Horando is an action packed fantasy adventure story for 8 to 12 year olds. Tidied up a little, Horando is a seemless compilation of bedtime stories originally made up and told verbally to our children.

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Reviews for Horando

wonderful children’s fantasy in a classic style September 25, 2016
A fantastic bit of clean children’s fantasy.The style is closer to Narnia, with a touch of George Macdonald thrown in. The author handled all three worlds well, and there was much humor mixed in with the seriousness. Highly recommended.


Bedtime stories
59 year old checks it out November 5, 2012
definately a 4th-5th grade story, similar to Secret Garden in your enjoying the young people involved, and the grown up problems they have to conquer. Lots of fairy world people and folklore, but I am 59 and I read it to see if my granddaughter would enjoy it, and I found I did, for an escape from pre election garbage on TV. Suspense, mystery and surprises. What could be better??

A brief synopsis

The fates of four children were decided long ago but not many saw the signs. It is written that they must help a herd of special horses to return to their land of magic and peace, Horando.

Banished, are a man called ‘Carter’ and his allies, because of their desire to take control of Horando. To help their quest to return, they kidnap the horses and escape to our world through a cave that opens every eight years, the horses are imprisoned in a paddock with just enough food and water to keep them alive.

The children live in a rural area in the foothills of a mountain range with their parents and baby sister. Saffron, the eldest of the children has a passion for horses and yearns to care for them. Standing on the paddock fence watching the horses, Saffron is sure that she hears the stallion speak first to one of the mares and then to her. Speaking directly to her mind, he tells her that she and her siblings are to help them get back to Horando. The stallion, Night Wing and his herd are a crucial part of the Horando community.

Saffron’s two younger brothers and sister discover that they too have a role to play and they quickly find themselves working toward the goal of getting back to Horando. They have two weeks to learn all they need to know. If they are not successful, the status quo will not return, good magic will fail and Carter, his sister and their allies will take control.

There are three worlds in this story. The earth as we know it today, a world between earth and Horando where fairies live and of course Horando, where if the balance is correct a beautiful utopia exists.

The story includes characters recognizable characters such as, a Tooth Fairy, a Christmas Tree Fairy and a leprechaun, complete with a pot of gold. There are well-meaning adult characters providing positive role models, as well as characters from fantasy such as unicorns and dragons, and some perhaps never met before who join the journey.

During the journey, the children encounter challenges that force them to use teamwork and magic to overcome them.

Will the children succeed? Yes, of course, and they will learn many lessons for life along the way through action packed, humorous and sometimes emotional scenes where golden friendships are forged through simple communication and sometimes, magic.

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