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There is an astonishing amount of data collected about social media users and their habits and if we are to make our presence known and most importantly, Sell Some Books, it is worth taking a look at the report in the link below. Most of the study is presented pictorially so it’s not heavy reading and is simple to follow.

It is undeniable that Social Media has become a huge aspect of modern society. In today’s society, 92% of teenagers are online every day, and 71% use more than one social network. In total, 31% of the global population engage in social media.

As social media is still a relatively new concept, it is unclear what the instant and future implications of social media are. The term addiction has started to frequently be applied to people that have extremely high social media usage habits.

There are 1.23 billion people that log into Facebook every day for an average of 17 minutes. 18% of participants surveyed reported that they could not even go a few hours without checking their news feed.

Every second there are on average 4.17 million likes and 293,000 statuses updated. These statistics contribute to the platform’s staggering $312.78 billion market cap (December 2016).

If people are using social media in record numbers and there are no signs of this slowing down, what is it being used for?

Social Media Fact

On the plus side, links like this are crucial to the survival of those of us who use Social Media to promote our businesses. More to follow, check them out and use them yourself. Those that I list are all FREE.

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