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I’m not usually a poet or lyricist but this dusty file may suggest otherwise.

Then again . . .

I have many dusty files in my archive of old hard drives, notebooks and portable media and I have had a great time dusting them down between current work in progress edits.

Why not share some of yours? Go on, I dare you.

A Simple Thing

It’s a simple thing

Open your heart, let love grow

Don’t deny the path you walk

Walk it slow, don’t smell the fear

Loving hands always guide you

Just call when you can’t find the way

You are a flaming arrow sent from the universal bow

Blazing a trail across the cosmos, never burning out

The thrumming bow is your beat, celebrate

Join hands, celebrate, burn up negativity, celebrate

Smile with me, dance with me, celebrate

Criss-cross the world with love divine

Sing with me, dance with me, celebrate

Ours is the infinite flight of the flaming arrow

Supreme without limits

Nothing can halt your progress

Smile with me, dance with me, sing with me, celebrate

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