If you were in the story, you might call Les Deux the archetypal bad guys of Beyond The Pyre. Sadly, by the time you had reached that conclusion you would be too late, possibly dead.

Les Deux wouldn’t stand out in a crowd, at least not until your path crossed theirs and I really hope that they won’t have the pleasure of your company because seriously, that pleasure would be all theirs and you will probably be reduced to a physical and psychological wreck.

If you think that sounds extreme and without too many spoilers getting in the way, here is a partial résumé.

  • Present during key crusader events (1st to 4th crusades) such as the storming of Jerusalem and the gates of Constantinople.
  • Respected by Simon de Montfort the 13th Century leader of the crusades against the Cathars and other minority groups who upset the pope by choosing not to follow Catholicism.
  • Feared by people on all sides of the Cathar crusades.
  • Les Deux were probably responsible for the famous phrase; ‘Kill them all, God will know his own.’ Unfortunately a number of people have laid claim to this and verification is difficult because it was originally claimed over eight hundred years ago by a number of kind people.
  • Les Deux are amazing leaders who get ‘everybody’ to do their bidding. Terrible team workers.
  • Enemies of Elionor and Louis in the 13th century
  • Friends to Catharine and Ben in the 21st century; at least Catharine and Ben thought they were.

Would you give them a job? Sorry to be so rude and answer for you, despite your reservations, yes you probably would.


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