Disaster has struck and this is a call for backup. Yes seriously dear friends. Fortunately, all the files on my computers that matter are safely floating around in the clouds or are securely backed up on various hard drives. There is a however . . .

I own an old Vista PC that contains old files, partial stories and research and although the PC is very secure, it has a vulnerability that I discovered on Saturday evening after my daughter put the machine into ‘sleep’ instead of ‘shut down.’

The machine happily sleeps, even after I removed and replaced everything that would move, disconnect, unplug. I even hoovered out the dust (and there was enough of that to give me a new hair style). Hmmm, older daughter just said, “no dad, you have no hair, it would make you a wig though.” Ouch. Whatever, the machine still sleeps soundly.

Yes, I have trawled The Internet and while I have found some acknowledgement of the issue, there do not appear to be any working solutions. Refusing to accept that, I do believe there must be a solution out there somewhere.

Please Help. Can you think of anything that might put this problem right?

Namaste and Peace, Love and Happiness to you always,