One of my favorite things to do as a writer is to ‘Just Write.’ No aims or goal in mind, just me, fountain pen and paper. Some of the results have found their way into my novels, others sit waiting to be called upon.

Of course this will be entirely familiar to every writer but I thought it might be interesting to share my process which starts with a mind clearing meditation. Why? Because the mind is always too busy applying its thoughts relating to things going on in the world around me. The soul however is a different matter and the blocks need to be sent away for universal recycling so it can shine through.

The soul knows its place in the universe and has a wonderful way of surprising the mind and feeding new data. The problem with the mind is that it has too many circular thoughts and bin loads of useless information because it is not directly connected to the Whole. You might say that it’s infected with mundane poison.

Imagine yourself floating in space (don’t worry, you have air). While you float along, you can’t fail to notice the magnificence around you, the detail in the stars, the colours and of course, our beautiful planet earth. Notice how peaceful she looks as she follows her path around the sun. Stop! Keep the mind at bay, don’t let it remind you about what’s going on down on the planet. There will be time enough for that later. You see what I mean? One moment you are in a place of infinite beauty, the next you are transported to the dark corners of the earth.

No, of course we can’t ignore the mind. But, what we must do is to make sure that our beautiful soul is not smothered by it because the more we allow that, the further we drift away from our true path and divine nature.

Sadly though, some people are so smothered by the activities of the mind and in particular the dark spots that serve only to block out their true nature that they become lost in forests of negativity. Often they are unaware but for those who sense that they are in the wrong place, help is at hand and it doesn’t need to be in the form of somebody expensive.

Mind cleared, now I can just write and that is one of many wonderful things that connects me to the universe. Oh don’t worry about my mind, it is not completely ignored. It will be required to add experience to my writing, it’s just that it is not allowed to control all that I am.