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Reaction Time

I doubt many of us will do the math on this but, have you ever wondered how much time is swallowed by your reaction to things passing through your orbit? No, not things that matter, I’m thinking about those that don’t.

Last week for example, I found myself lost in a thread about something the British foreign minister reportedly said to the French president. Apparently, Boris suggested building a bridge across the channel to aid trade. Whoosh, ten minutes gone. Yes, the idea is completely preposterous. One person put it quite well by asking, how on earth can a bridge be built over one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and keep it open when the wind blows? Look at the bridges in the UK, the wind blows, many close to high-sided vehicles.

If we didn’t spend so much time reacting to things that don’t matter or to those things we have no power over; we would spend less time feeling bothered and relax in our lives the same way our mind relaxes in meditation. Yes, there was humor in the ‘Boris thread’ and of course humor is good for us but, ten minutes gone and never to return. I must choose my distractions wisely.

That sounds a little dark doesn’t it? Not to worry, this post ends here because I have writing and editing to get on with and I’m sure you have things to do too.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Namasté, S

Namasté dear people of Las Vegas

I’ve just finished editing a difficult chapter of my work in progress (wip). Four central characters diverted from their road-trip route by a fictional road traffic accident with loss of life. There was a sound reason for this and it may be a difficult scene for anybody with real-life experience of similar events. Editing the chapter contributed to my current spiritual low-ebb.

From fiction to fact, my characters visited a place called Oradour Sur Glane in France. Toward the end of the Second World War the population of the entire village was massacred. Possibly because of one man, kidnapped by the local resistance. Nobody really knows the truth except that 642 men, women and children were murdered.

If you visit Oradour Sur Glane, the old village is preserved as it was on 10 June 1944. The doctors’ car is still in its parking space. There is a sewing machine, babies’ pram and evidence of unnatural destruction.

Not for the first time yesterday (02/10/2017), I spotted a news alert on my computer. Intuition told me not to go there but something over-rode it and I opened a news page on my browser to discover the latest tragedy in The USA. Las Vegas, at least fifty dead, hundreds physically wounded and I dread to think how many psychologically damaged following the actions of one individual.

Something drove that man to that point, we may never know what, but one thing is certain, a range of powerful weapons were at his disposal. He may have had licence to own them and he put them to devastating use.

There is but one road to peace in this world and it does not involve mass-murder whether government sanctioned or not. Power will never bring peace. Only the internal peace of individuals who share their inner-strength can do that. It’s a matter of choice to seek internal peace; it takes courage and confrontation with many of the things we thought we knew. The potential for greatness is within all of us, it comes pre-installed and I don’t mean in a way that nourishes the ego.

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