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I hope each and every one of you is well today and if you are not feeling so great, I hope you will be soon. Namaste!

I’m particularly thinking about the wonderful musician Sinéad O’Connor who reached out to tell the world that she is enduring very difficult times. She needs our positive thoughts and prayers right now as do many others.

Using a simple networking principle, tell and show 10 people that you care for them and get them to do the same with ten (or more) other people. Before you know it, you have shared your love through thousands.

The Best of Historical Fiction

Well! I was about to write an article about the best of historical fiction until I went over to Quora and found this list containing many of the books I would have picked for a list of my own. Rather than regurgitate and risk boring you, I would like to know what you think. But let’s keep it simple; add a reply at the foot of this page with your number one title, author and no more than fifty words about why you think it’s such a great read.

Feel free to add links back to your blog or books so long as they don’t drown the content.

My favourite will stay under wraps until the next edition of this blog. The first person to choose mine will receive a free hard backed copy of Beyond The Pyre and I will publish a top 10 (with review comments) of what we all think highly of.

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