A few weeks ago I published a short story on this blog called, The Cappedocian Express, a true story with a few mystical elements added by the main character from my novel, Beyond The Pyre. Keep that in mind.

Searching Google for a little inspiration for blog content with a difference (not my exact search-term), I was overwhelmed as usual with over 80 million hits but I did discover something of interest from a veteran blogger and freelance writer who offers to list books that are published on blogs. Now this got me thinking.

I don’t know how many but I have years of short stories, story starters, orphan chapters and theatrical scripts in my file storage. I often draw from these to inspire and grow my own books but I have to admit that there are some that are unlikely to meet the readers eyes. Nothing to do with quality, it’s just that I have moved away from the theme and have no interest in publishing them at the moment. Although never say never.

Here’s the thinking. It’s time to dust down some of these stories and present them here on this blog in an anthology of neglected writing and you are invited to join the fun starting next Tuesday.

So, dust down one of your neglected files and send it over with a link back so my readers can find you. If I receive too many (that would be wonderful), I may have to add a ‘continued’ button linking back to you but, let’s see how it goes.

My first will be a funny story about a man called Trevor and his adventures as a trainspotter.