As the storylines developed and were woven together I was drawn deeper into the historical fabric of this carefully researched book. The strongly drawn characters, shades of fantasy and dramatic action overlaying the real history of the Cathars made for an enjoyable and interesting read. David Berkshire (

I thought the characters were brilliant, and I loved the link between the different centuries, as well as the switch between perspectives and the interesting use of setting. Eleanor Jones

Available direct from the publisher, Austin Macauley or Amazon and your local book store, this exciting new novel moving seamlessly between the 13th and 21st centuries is an absorbing read. The second novel from author, Steve Costello who is currently nearing completion of his third, set in very ancient times and the present, exploring our timeless position in the universe.Beyond The Pyre is located in the south of France and within the human mind. Two young lovers reach out to their future selves. Their task; to help protect an ancient secret that should on no account be seen by humankind. Two quintessentially evil characters stand out but there are hundreds of others with a different motivation. Some seek to destroy everything; others just want the power of the secret.

The flame of the human spirit leads characters living across the centuries down numerous paths. Find out if their spirits truly connect or was it just wishful thinking brought about by hope and fear that motivated creative ways to survive.

From the darkness beyond the pyre,

two young lovers reach out to the future.

A malevolent force lurks in the shadows,

seeking to destroy them

and expose their closely guarded secret.

Beyond The Pyre was published by Austin Macauley on June 30th 2017 and is available in Digital, Hardback and Paperback formats.

In this exciting new novel . . .

. . .  past, present and future collide. Things the characters never before thought about come to life and pull them into startling events set in the 13th and 21st centuries. This has nothing to do with ghosts, the story is as real as the words you are reading right now.

In 13th century France during the time of the crusades against the Cathars, two young lovers call out to the 21st century from Beyond The Pyre. Catharine, an adept spiritual traveler hears the call and realizes the importance of her connection with Elionor, a 13th century noblewoman. There is a treasure that must survive the centuries and be kept out of the human domain. The women are central to the survival of the treasure and they must keep it out of the hands of Les Deux, servants of a dark master.

Historical fact merges with fiction which merges with Spirit and mysticism. This story is as much about the authors spiritual journey as it is a gripping story about survival, new relationships, loss of loved ones and the tenacity of the human race to make sense from chaos.