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Effective Ways to Better Interpersonal Communication Skills

Thanks to Joshua Uebergang  for the following article but, why have I reproduced this?
As an author you may be asked to lead a talk about one of your books, read a few passages and hold an author Q & A session. Many people have little or no experience of standing in front of an audience, let alone leading the proceedings.
I’m one of those lucky people who thoroughly enjoys delivering a presentation and when I spotted Joshua’s article I was pleasantly reminded of those scary early days.

We’ve all been there, trying to give a presentation not well received, and nothing you do seems to turn the tide in your favor. Maybe you’re too shy, or nervous, or closed off when you are trying to communicate, but whatever the cause, you need to rectify it fast or risk losing respect, your job, or your employer’s confidence. This article will give you a few ways to effectively improve your interpersonal communications skills.

Strive to be open and animated when trying to communicate with others, especially if what you are attempting to convey is a dry or difficult to understand subject. Nothing shuts other people’s minds off faster than a monotonous and lifeless recitation of facts. Try to stimulate the group’s senses of sight as well as sound by walking around, moving your hands and arms, and being as open as possible. Also, try to maintain eye contact with your audience as much as possible to keep them engaged.

Know your material, and make sure that your audience is certain that you know it through your body language and demeanor during your conversation or presentation. Practicing helps get you focused, organize what you need to impart, and if there are any holes in your presentation material. Being as certain and prepared beforehand will help you maximize your confidence level.

Be observant and aware of how your audience is picking up on what you are presenting. If they seem listless or bored, try to be more animated. If they look confused or overwhelmed, try to slow it down and focus on maximizing your audience’s ability to assimilate the material you are trying to communicate.

Along with preparation, which is knowing what you are talking about, give some thought beforehand to how you plan to talk, the most appropriate inflection to use in your voice, whether you need to project your voice or whether a subtler tone would be better.

Don’t be afraid to utilize outside expertise if it will help you impart the information you wish to communicate. Remember, the goal is not only to make yourself look good, but to properly communicate with your audience. Using someone who knows a particular subset of a given issue will make you look prepared, thoughtfulFree Articles, and thorough.

Build your interpersonal communication skills today and relish from rich relationships tomorrow.

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Your Book Reviewed

Writing and publishing a novel is a great achievement. Once that’s done, many authors find themselves in the lonely position of finding people to read their work. Reviewers too are essential to the marketing process, especially reviewers who can provide potential readers with an objective and honest opinion.

Rosie and her team of reviewers is a wonderful place to start and remember; Don’t Quit, you have started something worth smiling about.

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When was the last time you smiled just for the sake of smiling? I’m smiling at you now, go on, smile back. You might do it more often if you knew that smiling was making you happier and opening doors to your success.

That’s right! If you made all the facial expressions you make when you’re excited, elated, and thrilled, even when you don’t actually feel those emotions, the truth is that you’d see an immediate improvement in your mood.

Why does this matter? Because you already have the raw talent and skills, only that when it comes to feeling motivated and accomplishing your goals, mood is everything.

Smile to yourself right now. Why does something as simple as a grin have so much power to motivate you?

Your mind interprets the events we experience within the framework you set for yourself, meaning that whether an experience is positive or negative is largely determined by our mood and state of mind.

Think about it: the emotion and meaning our minds attach to events ultimately counts more than the experiences themselves, since they condition our willingness to experience and pursue them.

A positive state of mind can be what motivates you, and a negative state of mind what holds you back. Look for a positive solution to everything and you will see some beautiful changes in your life.

What, you are already that type of person (sorry to categorize you)? Then, share the love, make someone smile and teach them how to keep smiling.


#SynopsisThursday 14/09/2015

A Sorry Affair is a romantic novel by Kirsten Nairn which examines the complexities of relationships and the heartache which can often accompany love. The story is told from the perspective of the three main characters, Mack and Jen, the archetypical golden couple, together since they were students and Abbi, who Mack finds himself drawn to, and eventually falling in love with. He ends up unintentionally in love with two women.

The idea for the story began as a simple question. What does it feel like to be the adulteress? To be the other woman? The sympathy, understandably, is always directed at the innocent party but what if there are two innocent parties? What if you are the ‘other woman’ and are completely unaware that you’re involved in an affair?

The story is considered initially from the view point of Abbi, the ‘other woman’ and focuses on how she feels. She meets Mack by chance and is immediately drawn to him. There is an innocence and naivety to her and the possibility that Mack is in a serious, long term relationship would never have occurred to her. Abbi would never consider having an affair with anyone, married or otherwise and because of this she feels utterly wronged. Everyone, including her own family and friends blame her and they can’t understand or believe that she had no idea that Mack has another girlfriend, another life. The most difficult thing for Abbi though is that she’s in love with Mack. She saw a future for them which has now been destroyed. She’s heartbroken and suffering the pain and loss of a failed relationship, but has no one to speak to, no one to support her.

Mack’s side of the story is perhaps more difficult to understand and to empathise with. He’s in love with Jen. She’s perfect. They’re engaged, they’re happy and it has never occurred to him that they wouldn’t be together for the rest of their lives, and yet for no reason he can fathom, he enters into an affair with Abbi. He realises, too late, that he has risked everything.

Mack’s immediate loss and helplessness are apparent, but ultimately the story examines the long term and wider reaching consequences of his actions. The impact on Abbi and Jen, on Jen’s family and his own family and the loss they all experience.

Later, as the story concludes with a twist, it becomes apparent how much hurt he has caused and the monumental mess he’s made of everyone’s lives. Not only has the future life they all imagined for themselves been changed forever, but he has a child, who may never be a part of his life unless he can prove he will never make the same mistake again.

My hope is that the reader will connect with all the characters and in doing so, be faced with the dilemma as to where their sympathies lie and to ask themselves what they would do in a similar situation.

Kirsten lives in Scotland with her husband, two young children and the usual array of pets that seem to accompany small children. She studied science at Edinburgh University when dungarees were in fashion and Dexy’s Midnight Runners could still cut it with the young ones. She should have studied Art and English and blames her guidance teacher whose words ‘what career would you have?’ still wring in her ears.

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